Majunga Anjary Hotel

The promise of a soul-nourishing experience! Prepare to be amazed by the cultural diversity, exquisite cuisine and natural beauty of the City of Flowers.


From Tana to Majunga, a new chapter begins

In 2000, Anjary Hôtel charted a new course by expanding into Majunga, opening an unprecedented chapter in our family history. In the heart of downtown, on Rue Georges V, this ambitious expansion allowed us to rediscover our roots in a new way. Through the generations, our passion for creation and refinement, passed down from our distant grandparents who were artisan baker, has become a natural part of the demanding world of hospitality. The City of Flowers has welcomed us with open arms, and our love for the city has profoundly influenced our vision.

The ideal tropical destination for your adventures

Anjary Hôtel Majunga is your gateway to a unique experience in this city on Madagascar’s northwest coast. Called “Mahajanga” in Malagasy, the City of Flowers captivates visitors with its natural beauty, cultural diversity and year-round tropical climate.

In the heart of Majunga stands the emblematic hundred-year-old Baobab tree, nicknamed “Bouye Be”. This majestic 800-year-old tree is a living witness to the city’s history, and a must for unforgettable photo memories. Majunga is also known as the “edge”, a lively place where festivities and local culture meet.

Our privileged location in the heart of downtown means you can easily explore the Palais du Gouverneur, Grand Pavois beach, the cirque rouge and much more. For nature lovers, the Mahavavy-Kinkony complex is a real treasure trove. It’s home to a rich biodiversity of mangroves, palm trees and savannahs, all inhabited by an incredible variety of migratory birds in the dry season.

For a truly exceptional stay

Majunga Anjary Hotel features 43 rooms designed with comfort in mind. Our modern facilities, from air conditioning and Wi-Fi to hot water, mini-bar, TV and refrigerator, ensure a pleasant stay. Room service, laundry and lift are also available. Relax on our panoramic terrace on the 4th and 5th floors, overlooking the city and sea at flexible rates to suit your budget.

The Great Room

Anjary Mahajanga
Let yourself be seduced by the elegance and comfort of our large, comfortable and well-equipped rooms.

The Double Room

Anjary Mahajanga
The Double Room Enjoy the authentic comfort of our double rooms for a warm and pleasant experience.
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